Learn the art of giving harmony and positive emotions right now. Show your relative or your loved one a way to the country of beauty, pleasure and full relax by giving a gift card for the services of Thai SPA village BAUNTY. It is not just a piece of paper with dates and rituals listed. BAUNTY gift card is an authentic parchment baked in oven with vanilla and cinnamon aromas. Special cases need special offers. The gift card can be presented in a wooden handmade casket. The caskets are almost identical to those, where the queens of Siam Island kept their jewelery. For couples, we have a heart-shaped casket, for relatives a carved yin yang-shaped casket and a chest-like casket. The gifts will lie on a natural silk pillow and will be protected by a ribbon with a wax seal. The gift cards will bring not only positive emotions and a feeling of a good rest to your loved ones, but also a magic casket as a reminder of care and attention. Moreover, the gift card can be presented in a bamboo tube or a fabric tube or in a simple decorated handmade envelope or in a special bamboo envelope with ethnic writings on it. Bless your loved ones with harmony between body and soul that we all need. The gift card of SPA village BAUNTY can be a magic surprise, a lucky ticket to the country of relax and pleasure!

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